Amber Rage (new artist I want to hype)

I just discovered AmberRage, out of North Long Beach CA. She is fantastic and working it. Her lyrics are well thought out and cleanly executed. She is a talented rapper and seems like she has charisma and an amazing stage presence (based on her Queen of the Jungle video). She is sultry and badass.
“I get on the beats,
 and beat it with a belt. 
Left a couple welts – smoked the whole top shelf. 
She chasin’ a nigga, I be out here chasin’ wealth”
– from Go Hard (listen here)
Not only are her lyrics, feminist, I like the fact that they are not just stand alone catch phrases. If you pay attention to her lyrics you will find that they are not only very clever but fun.
I am really enjoying her music and she deserves many more that 290 followers on SoundCloud, so spread the word!