2015 albums to know

The albums I slapped most in 2015 were

1. Danny Seth (@dannyseth) – Perception (full album here)

2. Logic (@Logic301) – The Incredible True Story (full album here)

3. G-eazy (@G_Eazy) – When it’s Dark Out (maybe G will eventually release it on his SoundCloud, but I doubt it)

One thing I found really interesting about Perception is that the Brits I have shared this album with all disliked it because they hated on D Seth’s “Americanized” accent. I thought this was very telling and ironic because throughout the album he talks about not getting love in the UK, which is why he came to work in the States.

I was fortunate enough to see Logic in Atlanta on TITS tour, G-eazy on the WIDO tour in NYC, and both on the Endless Summer tour in Brooklyn. Logic delivered the best hip-hop show I have ever seen during Endless Summer, although he also laid it down so hard in Atlanta that the wood floors of the Tabernacle were undulating. The WIDO and ES tours were the 6th & 7th time I saw G live, and it was definitely a let down compared to (1) his previous shows, and (2) the album hype. So, I will not be attending another year or two.

I hope Danny Seth goes on a 2016 US tour with Perception; he has suggested such on Twitter but nothing has been announced officially. He is pretty quiet on social media, which is probably a good thing, I think many of us could use less of it, myself in particular.