Josh Sallee – Hush Hush

Josh Sallee (@joshsallee) is an artist out of Oklahoma City and is part of Flywill Entertainment. This album is just too good to do a song-by-song discussion (I’m not up to the task). The album has the eerie thread of the killing of Lennon. I have listened to it all the way through at least 18 times, and I love it more with each listen. Just a couple thoughts on the album:

The first track, Pressure, sets the narrative of the album, the pressure faced by artists and the “faces” they show to the world versus the reality of their day-to-day life. I have listened to many of Josh’s off-album tracks (my fav being SHEESH), and he generally delivers lyrics that tread the line between smooth unbroken delivery and emotionally charged/voice cracking intensity. This results in a welcome tension for the listener, it allows the song to be flexible. I have enjoyed the very same song while working-out or contemplating lyrics. With highly productive (and fucking amazing collab with producer Blev) these guys deliver versatile art.

[Also check out the recent video (below) I took of Josh performing Front Pew from his album Know Society]