Kemet the Phantom

This past weekend, by random luck I saw a set by Kemet the Phantom (@kemetthephantom) in a sleek cocktail lounge while visiting Kansas City, MO. Although the venue was low key, and a rather tough place for a hip hop show, Kemet brought the vibe. I really enjoyed his music and his energy. On top of that, I liked him even more once I got back home to New Jersey and checked out his music portfolio (here is his SoundCloud) and other projects. One of his latest songs Get Out (The Streetcar Song) is the jam. The music video is a must watch:

Kemet the Phantom has a new album Sankofa, and a very clever idea to kick it off, he explains here:

Keep a look out for his new album, explore his music, and check out his website (which is hands-down the best website I have seen for any hip hop artist). His 2009 album Destroy & Rebuild is definitely one to add to your album playlist. The 5th track, “From the Ashes” is the kind of song that makes me love (and relate to) hip hop. The album can be streamed from Band Camp by clicking on the album cover below:

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 9.07.25 PM