P-Lo – Lil Stunna

When I think of the artists keeping Bay Area hip hop fresh, P-Lo (@HBKPLO) is one of the first who comes to mind. Part of the Heartbreak Kids Gang (i.e., HBK Gang)–which includes Jay Ant, Kehlani, Sage the Gemini, et al.–recently, P-Lo has dropped songs produced by Cal-A, Jay Ant, and….drumroll, P-Lo himself. He produced Light this Bitch Up, which features G-Eazy and Jay Ant (video below).


P-Lo has also produced songs for YG and a number of other artists. P-Lo’s lyrics are often playful and clever. I’ve really enjoyed the new tracks he put out this summer, Winner and Big Film struck me as some of his best work. Below I’ve curated a P-Lo playlist which will undoubtedly grow since his portfolio is actively expanding. He toured this summer in California, so I anticipate we will see him out on the East Cost in the near future. Can’t wait to catch him live.


Make sure to follow P-Lo on SoundCloud & check out his website: http://www.hbkplo.com/


On his website, P-Lo does something I think is extremely smart, and I don’t know any other artist who has done this. On his landing page you can click on his Before Anything album cover and it downloads a zip file with the 7 mp3s, the album cover, and track list. Clever, why? Because once the mp3s are saved locally on a listener’s computer they are more likely to listen to them regularly, they will have the songs for years, and they will be passed on to friends/family (people share music; I know I will share the album).