Lox Chatterbox

My brother recently turned me on to Lox Chatterbox (@LoxChatterbox). I sent him a song and he said, this reminds me of Lox Chatterbox. I checked out Lox’s SoundCloud page and his a capellas and was immediately taken by his music.


First, I was engaged by Lox’s fantastical lyrics. There are other hip hop artists that rap about fantastical ideas, but Lox is darker, like a ghost story. The imagery conjured up in his latest record How to Sell your Soul (full album posted below) is like a dark Neil Gaiman short story1 collided with hip hop, which are two of my favorite things. Hence, Lox is quickly climbing up the list to one of my personal favs.


Second, I also appreciate that Lox discusses working hard for his family (e.g., 100 Kg a capella), and facing drug addiction/dealing either personally or within family; something many experience and few openly talk about.


Listen to How to Sell your Soul and take the time to appreciate his lyrics. Two songs, Confess and Chemicals are a good intro to Lox.  I can’t help but quote my favorite “dark hook”2 from Lox’s new album because it’s so good:


“I want 999 mo’ Hail Marys right now. I want 999 mo’ Hail Marys right now, but don’t try and turn that number upside down”



Watch the video for Confess (below). It is probably one of the few hip hop videos with a gothic theme, and he makes the combination seem so natural, which is another reason it’s undeniable that he is solid at his craft.



Lastly, I can’t help but note two additional features about Lox’s music:


(1) He is not only unique in terms of the themes of his songs–the use of fantastical dark lyrics–but he also mixes some unique sounds with traditional/common hip hop song elements. A perfect example of this is in the song Gutter, where you will hear a seamless transition from a familiar style of beat to the effect that drops around 0:40 sec, it’s sick.


(2) He is smart. There are a probably [literally] thousands of hip hop songs about sex, many of which aren’t the highlight of the artist’s writing ability. But, Lox’s lyrics about sex in Deephighlight his clever writing and sense of humor. My two favorite lines in Deep:


“I be someone driving blind; you be my pedestrian.”
“I’m getting deep as Mariana. It’s only time until I hit the bottom.”
This is a reference to the Marianas Trench, the deepest trench in Earth’s oceans [cleva].


That’s all I am going to say about Lox for now. His music is great (I hope to catch him live someday soon!) He is active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc., so go to his website and add him to the network of artists you follow. If you are craving to learn more about Lox, check out this recent interview:

1. e.g., Other People
2. I’m coining the term dark hook to describe eerie hooks in songs