My Current Addictions – Caleborate 1993

Yesterday Caleborate released his second album, 1993. The narrative focuses on his experience balancing life as a student and a rising artist. This album hits hard with raw feeling, for instance August 28th is a serious reality check and view into the life of a young artist trying to come up from poverty.

The production and collaborations have a lot of familiar faces when it comes to the Bay Area sound with tracks produced by (or featuring) Cal-A, P-Lo, Mikos Da Gawd, and Pell (although Pell isn’t from the Bay, he has multiple collaborations with Bay area artists). Caleborate also dropped a couple of tracks with his brother, R&B artist Cash Campaign. 1993 has production from New Jersey producer Wonderlust, who also produced a couple of tracks on Caleb’s last album Hella Good. 1993 just came out yesterday, I’m on my second listen, so I need to digest it a bit more.

As a side note, Caleb mentioned his collaborations with G-eazy a few times on the album. Anyone that has listened to G for years would agree that Caleb’s sound is much more refined than G’s was when he was 23…(just saying). Caleb developed much more rapidly as an artist.