My Current Addictions – The Sun’s Tirade

Isaiah Rashad (@isaiahrashad) recently released his new album, The Sun’s Tirade (full album below). The first time through, I enjoyed the album as a smooth, crisp, and relaxing listen. But now that I have listened to it several times, I have really been taken by the lyrics and sentiment. I appreciate it more and more. My favorite songs are:

Park “Mama, I knew I was bout it…”

and the sensual Tity & Dolla.

Throughout the album, the tone set by the narration makes me grin. The narration consists of voice messages from, who I imagine is, his father/brother/older friend. The frankness of the messages reminds me of my own father. My absolute favorite narrative line is at the end of Dressed Like Rappers. It’s priceless. The excerpt starts at minute 2:34, it’s so good:



        the girls you meet dog,

                       were like born in like 1994!”

This is a great line! It reminds us how young most hip hop artists are, even those like Rashad on hard hitting labels. Rashad is part of Top Dawg Entertainment, which also includes Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q, who have both changed their Twitter profile pictures to The Sun’s Tirade album cover (see screenshots below), that’s fam!

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