Bleverly Hills

About a month ago Blev (Bleverly Hills) and KAAN dropped their most recent collaboration Water. When the beat dropped at minute 1:09, it hit me that Blev is hands-down my favorite producer. Many of the songs that I love and listen to repetitively/obsessively are produced by Blev.

There is something about Blev’s style that captures me. He weaves unique elements (voices, new sounds, etc.) through songs in a way that is striking, yet seamless. He also switches pace regularly, which is perhaps one reason why he works so well with artists who use few hooks. Blev highlights something that listeners sometimes forget, producers are just as important as hip hop artists. In fact, producers are hip hop artists, we just use a different name for them, but they are sculpting the genre just as much as the artists laying down lyrics on the tracks. Blev is low-key, so you won’t find a great deal about him online. He lives in Oklahoma City and he is part of Flywill Entertainment.

I’m happy to share that Blev will soon be releasing his first EP. Until his EP drops, you can listen to my curated Blev playlist (below), which is one of my favorite playlists. It’s packed with amazing beats and solid collaborations with other Flywill artists. Blev is creating beautiful things, so follow him:

SoundCloud: Blev
Twitter: @SeeBlev
Instagram: seeblev