The Underd0g

The Underd0g (@The_underd0g ) is an up-and-coming R&B singer/songwriter/producer from Queens. He adopted the stage name: The Underd0g because he believes society tries to confine individuals to a mindset where you have to follow a traditional path (college-to-career) in order to be successful. He wants to represent those who are underd0gs for following their dreams, even when that means going against the norms of society.

The Underd0g recently released his first EP, One Nati0n Underd0g (full album below). Although I usually don’t follow R&B, I connected to the lyrical content of the Underd0g’s work. He has shaken up my concept (and a view shared by many others) that R&B is all about love songs.

The message conveyed throughout the album is one of hustling to make a way in music,

“better wake up, time waits for no man” – Rise n Shine

giving a voice to those who are overlooked (the underd0gs),

The minimum wage is too low, they’ll never get by, never survive…we need a solution” – Freed0m of Speech

and the oppression faced by many in our society

“the rich stay rich and the poor die young…I just can’t stand by and watch” – Freed0m of Speech

In many ways, the Underd0g represents, through R&B, the same message that draws me to Hip Hop. His connection to Hip Hop is no surprise once you realize he draws inspiration from Kid Cudi (featured in the EP intro) and artists and bands such as Pharrell, MGMT, Cee Lo Green, The Rolling Stones, Kanye, Prince, Michael Jackson, Sadè, John Mayer, and others. The Underd0g will soon be releasing his second EP. Follow him on SoundCloud and Twitter to see when his new work drops in the coming months.


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