Dave East, Kairi Chanel

Dave East, one of this year’s XXL Freshmen, has just dropped a new album. Discussing life in Harlem and his rise, this album is full of excellent storytelling. I was so taken by the story of Keisha that I’ve hit rewind at least 7 times thus far. He lures you in with the perfect amount of detail to bring the story to life…

“I’m in room 17C, I know you’re with your homies now, but later come and see me…I had to stop for condoms cuz raw ain’t the way I get down” – Keisha

One of my  favorite songs on the album is Eyes On Me featuring Fabolous. There were a couple elements of the song that were refreshing. Dave East acknowledges female pleasure and being affectionate/sexual in public. In the hyper-masculine world of hip hop, this is too rare. Artists like Anderson .Paak have started to break down some barriers, but Dave East is a very different type of artist (and image) than .Paak, so I was happy with this song (even though it isn’t devoid of other stereotypical sexual elements).

Check the new album and if you are in the NYC/Philly area, you can see Dave East in the mid-October.