Elujay recently released his album Jentrify (full album below). This album seamlessly spins Bay Area hip hop sounds with Elujay’s melodic portrayal of the cohesive “come-up” sentiment reverberating out of the Bay the past couple years.

Those of you familiar with Bay Area sounds will love that this album is rich with collaborations with other Bay Area artists including Mikos Da Gawd, Caleborate, Jay Ant, Rexx Life Raj, YMTK, et al. I was impressed to see that Elujay produced/co-produced several of the tracks. The album has great flow, Elujay has some serious skill and a good ear for beats because his production is clean and smooth like his verses.

I love the upbeat vibe of Onetime! that kicks off the album.

“This one for the children in the projects; we gonna win it like the words beat the process”

I’ve walk around the city bumping this album, swaying my shoulders and feeling the hope he spins. This, coupled with seeing Elujay tweeting about doing his coursework, makes me appreciate his authenticity, which comes across in the album. The album is smooth, clean, positive, real, and fun.

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