Sylvan LaCue

Last week I heard Sylvan LaCue for the first time. He recently released his EP Far from Familiar (collection of 5 singles from EP below). The first single Loner immediately took me with its powerful raw emotion. The deep humming and echoing voices carry the tone of the strong chorus:

Nobody wants to be alone, on this corner sitting on your throne. Momma say get it right, gotta live today cuz you’re here to die.

Throughout the set of singles, the deep base, voices, and drums feel emotionally charged. I’m fascinated with LaCue’s flow. It seems true to his natural voice (although I have never heard him speak). I have been trying to figure out what sets his flow aside. The pitch he works within is above average and he chooses to use perfect enunciation (relatively rare in today’s hip hop). Perfect enunciation says a lot about his writing skill, nothing is hidden. Every word is well thought-out and the listener is clearly confronted with his message. LaCue’s combined lyrical style with deep instrumentals generates a unique sound.

Other than his unique vocal quality, I love the elements of southern roots music in his tracks (i.e., humming, raw human vocals, etc.) blended with common hip hop elements.

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