Meek Mill – DC4

Meek Mill’s latest album DC4 (full album below) has been fun to roll through, especially since Meek has been the center of attention, with The Game (and about everyone else) dissing on him at every opportunity.

With the social media attention on Meek, I was actually primed to dislike his album because (although it can sometimes be funny as hell*), I don’t like seeing men wasting their time and talent slinging insults at each other.

During my first listen to DC4, I actually didn’t know what it was. I was shuffling through new SoundCloud posts from people I follow, and someone posted the full album as a single track, which I ended up playing during a long run.

Here are a few thoughts:

1. The collaborations on the album were perfectly selected and diversify the album. The many styles on the album keep it fresh. I thought: “niiiiiiice, here is Uzi Vert”, a few minutes later, “Damn, I’m feeling Young Thug on this track”, etc. Glad to see nobody is distancing themselves from Meek.

2. The Difference, which includes ear candy by Desiigner and a feature by Quavo, is hard hitting. I love this song, but I think the style is a bite off Schoolboy Q. I haven’t seen the album booklet, so maybe Q was involved…

3. Overall, Meek shines when he is being sincere, and his features bring the weight in many of the harder songs.

4. The songs that highlight Meek’s skill are:
Blue Notes, Blessed Up, Shine,
and C.R.A.S.H.

5. Blessed Up and Blue Notes may reflect Meek’s year. I’m glad he is standing up for himself in a semi-positive way, rather than just defaulting to hyper-aggressive shit-talking.

6. Meek scores some “sexicution” points with me on the track You Know. Sexicution is my my Logic-inspired term** to describe when hip hop artists execute lyrics that are sexually empowering to women and counter the lazy—all too easy to write—songs that objectify women. On a 1-10 scale, it scores a 6 or 7. 

He tells her that she only needs to hit his phone one time and he will “pull up on you, 4th quarter when it’s crunch time“, i.e., the woman has the power. I also love the idea of spending a couple hours on your makeup, and, as Meek says, “in 20 minutes, I done made that to a mess“.

[Always makes for a good night.]

7. I look forward to dancing to Froze

Check out the album and you can follow Meek on Twitter:



*One of the funniest hash tags of all time is: #YoAssWhoopinIsSealed 🐀🐀🐀 #SqueakMeal, which was the end of a long IG rant thrown at Meek from The Game, who must love scaring the shit out of younger rappers

**Sexicution was inspired by the use of Flexicution on Logic’s 2016 mixtape Bobby Tarintino, and the gold standard for this is set by Anderson .Paak