A$AP Mob: Cozy Tapes Vol 1

A$AP Mob just dropped Cozy Tapes Vol 1 (full album below) in honor of the late A$AP Yams. It’s an excellent album, and I couldn’t help but jot down my thoughts on a few songs.

Yamborghini High (A$AP Rocky, A$AP Nast, A$AP Ant, A$AP Ferg, A$AP Twelvyy, feat. Juicy J) – named after the late A$AP Yams, this track was immediately familiar to me. This must be because it has been performed by Mob over the past year. It is one of my favorites on the album because it has some of the best ear candy (i.e., the improv/background-commentary). This is also one of the few songs on the album with Ferg and it reminded me that Ferg has great voice, in addition to his flow.

Favorite line:
Yeah I’m sippin wine, yeah she feed me grapes <grapes!> – A$AP Rocky

Way Hii – I loved this song, and the “way hii, way hiii, way hiii, everyday” hook threw me back to Bone Thugs days.

Young N***a Living – the eerie—maybe even tearful—beat of this song made me watch the lyrics carefully because I thought this is when Mob would really drive home the loss of their friend….perhaps they did so indirectly by discussing their environment and how they have to live hard.

Nasty’s World – this is an absolute banger. A$AP Nast’s flow is so clean that if I were to play a song for someone who had never heard hip hop, this could be that song. He also has a few lines that made me say daaaaaaamn!

“I beat the box, leave that thing swollen”

Well, damn…that’s all I’m going to say.

Money Man – this song has some hilarious lines:

“It just so happens that she wet and I’m all out of bounty . I’m the quicka picka uppa, still don’t give no fucks bra. Quick to pick her up, I be that pretty motha fucka”

Put That on My Set – this song scored sexicution* points with me, score TBD. I also love the across the pond collab with Skepta!

Favorite line:
“God I love dat dress. God I love the way she dress, she fresh. God I love her breasts. God I love her thighs, her eyes <eeeh>. Swear to God I’m outa breath”

Bachelor – I love how inappropriate the lyrics are in this song. Although it’s male-centric, the lyrics can be flipped for the female voice. #FlipDat. I also have to say that MadeinTYO shines as the clever young artists on this track.

If you haven’t checked out the album, slot some time to hit repeat. Here it is:

*Sexicution is my my Logic-inspired term to describe when hip hop artists execute lyrics that are sexually empowering to women and counter the lazy—all too easy to write—songs that objectify women. Sexicution was inspired by the use of Flexicution on Logic’s 2016 mixtape Bobby Tarintino, and the gold standard for this is set by Anderson .Paak