My Current Addictions – Tanya Morgan, Abandoned Theme Park

Brooklyn hip hop duo Tanya Morgan (Donwill and Von Pea) released their new EP Abandoned Theme Park (EP below) as a prequel to their upcoming release You Get What You Pay For.

“Been out the game, but I’m still so official. Love letter to the beat, writing rhymes like I miss you — rap game”

This is the group’s first EP since 2013, so check out their love letters. They:

“like thighs chocolate, lips full, hairs curly;

if that’s not you  –  we can still get all flirty”.

I’ve listened to the EP several times and the lyrics are so well spun that I won’t dare try and summarize any song. Nothing in this EP is superficial. The production is locked up clean with looping samples overlaid with bars that will make you think (catch something new) each time around.

To hear from Donwill and Von Pea about the EP, their creative process, and their experiences over the past couple years, check out their website where they recently posted an in-depth interview ( Also make sure to follow Tanya Morgan on Twitter (@TanyaMorgan).

Tanya Morgan reps Brooklyn in this visual for Stoop: