KAMI – Foundation

KAMI is an artist from Chicago. I stumbled across him yesterday on SoundCloud. Within seconds of hearing his voice ring-through on Foundation (song below), I was hit by how much heart there is behind his words. It’s not just the emotion dripping from each line, but what he has to say.

“The world we live in, it turning into a cemetery. 

We tucked our brothers until we see our brothers buried. 

Tears falling out my eyes, the choir sing Mariah Carey. 

Staring out the eyes of a visionary. 

We crying out but we let it go cuz it’s necessary. 

The funerals is like interludes to remind us our lives was just like a musical. 

(Just like the movies n*gga.)

Sometimes it’s beautiful,

 sometimes I medicate the pain with pharmaceuticals.”

                 – KAMI, Foundation


This might just be one of my favorite songs of 2016. Check it here and share:

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