Audio Push

This week Audio Push dropped Mama’s Gem (YouTube link below). This has been a big year for the hip hop duo–Price and Oktane–from Inland Empire. They have released a ton of new music and visuals.

I appreciate Audio Push. With smooth cadence, they deliver stories about growing up & the come up. They also tend to push back on posturing and social media games.

“Straight out the ghetto,

I still get my Top Ramen on…

Never let social media divide us…

It’s deeper than rap,

this shit go beyond that.” – Mama’s Gem

Audio Push first caught my attention with their EP 90951 (full album below). The album opens with a grow up song that will resonate with everyone who fought with their hard-working single mom when they were a teenager.

“When I was young, me and mama had beef…

she tried to save us, so she put us in the church…

refrigerator empty just like mama purse,

any time we asked for something, she said:

wait until the first.” – Ghetto Fabulous Filtered Water

In addition to their new album, Audio Push also released two songs this year with Dizzy Wright. To be honest, these were my favorite Dizzy Wright songs of the year (playlist below).

If Audio Push is new to you, check their website, SoundCloud, and Twitter: