Rejjie Snow

“Knick-knack paddywhack,

give the women Snow

Snow, Snow, Snow, …, Snow…

I’m sweaty, swinging,

the vocalist” – Snow

I will always remember the first time I heard/saw Irish hip hop artist Rejjie Snow. It was December 2015 and I was boarding a plane from Amsterdam to Edinburgh when London artist Danny Seth tweeted out Snow’s visual for Blakkst Skn (video below). The yellow paint scene in that video was instantly burned into my memory, along with Snow’s smooth AF flow.


About a month ago, Snow released the video for Pink Beetle (video below), and I was like “damn, he did it again!”. Snow has the most wonderfully unsettling music videos.



If those two videos aren’t enough, you can see his exploration of albinism in Lost in Empathy (video below). I have also created a Rejjie Snow SoundCloud playlist (below).


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He will be on tour in the UK and Paris in April/May 2017.

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