Ric Wilson

High energy funk-infused hip hop is Chicago artist Ric Wilson’s forte. In the midst of the explosion of Chicago’s indie hip hop scene, Ric stands out with his uplifting messages and shoulder swayin’ beats.

Last week, Ric released Make A Living (listen below) where he tells the story of making his living, making music:

“I got to grind hard, 

shine hard…

we was just the young ones, 

but we be racing a mile, dog…

I remember, me and David, when we do it for fun.

 It was something to keep busy, out from looking for guns. 

Wasn’t too much shit to do if you could see where we from…

keeping to the beat of my drum, ignoring the hate, 

focus on the air in my lungs.”

This song is The Jam of the week.

Ric hit the hip hop scene this year with his EP Soul Bounce (full EP below), the theme:

Black and powerful, black and beautiful

He also created a wonderfully uplifting visual.

Not only is Ric inspiring people through his music, he seems like an excellent human being.

“Ric also, is one of the 8 delegates chosen to travel to Geneva, Switzerland in November of 2014 representing the We Charge Genocide coalition. They successfully presented a shadow report and testified at the United Nations, charging the Chicago Police Department with genocide and torture actions on Black and brown youth within the city of Chicago helping to create a worldwide connection” [1].

Wow, he is working to make life better for young people of color through action and art. That’s beautiful.

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[1] Biography information from <http://www.ricwilsonisme.com/biography/&gt;