I don’t bump mainstream, I knock underground. All that other shit sugar coated & watered down* – King Shampz

King Shampz

Brothers, King Shampz and Azzan are a  hip hop duo out of Philly, representing the city of brotherly love.  With Azzan on the beats and Shampz on the mic,  the brothers partnered up 3 years ago to form Dead Wrong Records and show their respect for boom bap culture and East Coast hip hop. In their mixtape “All Hail The King”, which is now certified Bronze on DatPiff, the duo revisited old school hip hop sound. 

I generally don’t listen to hip hop that weaves as much violent imagery as Shampz and Azzan produced on “All Hail The King“. I am, however, a lyrics junkie and Shampz –in addition to welcoming us to Gotham–has some positive things to say. His voice shines through on the tracks where he talks about family, friends, and the hardship faced by youth in the city.

“Advice for the young ones on the corners who trap all night.

Selling, green and white,

seems like there is no end in sight.

I’m trying to bring them to the light. 

Nobody is perfect. Trying to right my wrongs,

looking back on my past, like wasn’t worth it.

But God don’t make no mistakes, he made me a role model.”

– King Shampz, It is what it is

The boom bap production and looping beats of Azzan compliment Shampz’ bars. Show your love for the East Coast sound and check out their album below.

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* Quote by E-40.

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