Vic Spencer + Big Ghost

This week, Chicago’s underground artist Vic Spencer teamed up with producer Big Ghost to gift us The Ghost of Living (full album below)

I first heard Big Ghost’s production from his work with Westside Gunn and Conway. On The Ghost of Living, Ghost brings some new sounds interlaced with elements that will be familiar to those with an ear for his production (crisp, unembellished, looping beats and samples); except here there are more instrumentals woven throughout the album: horns, piano, and rich percussions.

Ghost’s production and Spencer’s flow dynamically feedback on one another. Ghost lays the stage for Spencer’s crisp unconventional lyrics and ad libs. Spencer is an extremely talented lyricist. He manages somehow to simultaneously be dark and playful.

“They don’t want to see legends make it…

Still rooting for all my dead homies…

On my death bed, still trying to take my last puff

I’m going to miss this shit

Woke up from the dead just to hit this shit

Pick up the pace

The pussy rappers sit on your face


The flowers bloom when I spit in the vase “

 – Legitimate Ignorance

One of my favorite tracks is December’s Hell. The instrumentals on this track and the narration at the end are on point. Ghost writers in mainstream hip hop are one of the many reasons I prefer indie and underground. Spencer and Ghost give voice to this and the beauty of underground.