Trust Tony

The other day I stumbled across New York hip hop artist TRUSTtONY. He has an amazingly fresh flow, is great at storytelling, and paints pictures with big heart and social justice themes. He is keeping a small catalog on SoundCloud, remaining low-key over the last 4 years while focusing on his writing:

“I never wanted anything to do with rap, I hated rappers (still do kinda)…but I love lyricists and I fell in love with writing. But song making has taken some time..I always said I don’t wanna just be a rapper for all the other shit but honestly add something progressive to the culture”

TRUSTtony has a new project that will drop in the coming months. I’m looking forward to it because son fire, like a new Pontiac. His freestyle HiiiPower is unreal for such a new artists.

“Don’t be no crash dummy – little homie buckle up

see they waiting for you to slip up – so they can come and cuff you up

and they want you to resist, so they can really fuck you up

the first hit is in the lip, so they can really shut you up

this setup used to get us real upset

so the panthers got together just to get us some respect

…I just walked by the street where they shot Malcolm X

 Wish I could wake up Martin from his rest”

– HiiiPower

Check out HiiiPower and a couple of his other tracks below, including a single, YOUniverse, from his upcoming album.

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