My Current Addictions – Hodgy, Fireplace

“I’m taking hip hop in the hand and my plan is to love and look after her”

Last week a friend sent me Glory from Hodgy’s first solo album Fireplace. Fireplace was released in December when releases were snowballing, which may be why it didn’t get the attention it deserved. The narration by his mother rang true with me philosophically and set the stage for Hodgy’s reflections about life – which are forefront throughout the album.

Stream the EP below (or link up here) and read the Fireplace book:

Fireplace book

I love Hodgy’s crisp and unexpected imagery (unexpected in terms of placement). The same reason I enjoy short stories is why I thoroughly enjoyed Fireplace. Hodgy can skillfully nock-an-arrow of an image in your head, one shot, few words. I’ll admit, I listened to the album 12 times over the span of 4 days; which is why I have to resist filling this page with my favorite lines. That said,

I put the beat to sleep

call me the tranquilizer 

dandelion in the middle of the desert” – Glory

Dandelion in a desert, lovely. In addition to painting a picture, Hodgy has clever lines throughout – his ego is stashed away like a goatee – and he is hilarious:

“You be like sheep to a grizzly,

I put my bare feet on them bitches”

and, of course..

Fuck the pigs all day, even the guineas”

Listen to the album below and read the book. For more on Hodgy:

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