“A feeling I was ugly from the inside out….

low-key feeling degraded…

Why would this one thing make everybody hate me?

People not in my shoes say I’m just confused”

Strag is a new hip hop artist from the Bay Area. I came across her tweeting about Bay Area hip hop late last summer. In 2016 Strag released her EP In Transit (full EP below). Listening to the EP, I was struck by the closing track, Growin’ Up, in which Strag talks about growing up gay.

On a Bay beat, Strag raps about her teenage years struggling with feelings of self-dislike and confusion as she realized she is gay. She dealt with the lack of acceptance by her peers and family, and had to discover who had her back. Growin’ Up is heartbreaking and hopeful. Strag walks the listener through the struggle: hiding it, self acceptance, realizing who your real friends are, finding love, and then putting the word out there—and uplifting—everyone else going through the same thing:

“If you’re on the same boat, there’s hope,

I promise it will get better…

Let me hug you and tell you it’s okay”

I asked Strag to tell us about Growin’ Up. Here is what she had to say:

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