My current Addictions – Henry Canyons, The Feels

This morning I sat in my bedroom packing clothes for a trip when the song As I Rest My Eyes came on my SoundCloud. Because I’m in the habit of thinking out loud when I’m excited about music, after a couple words, I said did Muja Messiah drop a sweet song? [a couple words later] nah, that’s not Muja, who is this poetic Brother-Ali-smooth cat I’ve never heard? It was Henry Canyons.

Today Canyons released the best thing to hit VDay, a three track EP The Feels (full EP below).

Growing up in Brooklyn, Canyon describes himself as a Brooklinite-French-Jew who spent his teenage years in ciphers. He is poetic, melodic and soulful. The past 6 years Canyon has been based in LA, where he has collaborated with Jakarta Records.