The New Kings of New York – Gunn & Conway

Roc Marciano just dropped his latest album, Rosebudd’s Revenge. Roc has been in the game for a while and he is building a legacy in New York. The grimy poetic style of Roc’s bars seem to have inspired a whole movement that is taking the NY hip hop scene. Over the past year, the face of New York hip hop has changed and the focal point has broadened beyond NYC to encompass Northern NY.

There are a few highly collaborative artists/crews, including those out of Buffalo and Rochester, who have curated a distinct sound: smooth icy bars over looping beats and instrumentals.

They have a talent for spitting poems. 

Some have been in the game longer than others, but collectively these NY hustler-poets are bringing a cohesive sound back to the state that has recently been missing an identity. Over the past year I’ve fallen in love with their sound. I couldn’t help but curate some tracks and visuals to introduce them to those who have yet to have the fortune to stumble upon them.

My full list of artists in the NY movement includes: Roc Marciano, Westside Gunn, Conway, Hus Kingpin, SmooVth, Sean Rosati, Rigz, Lil Eto, Rasheed Chappell, and SageInfinite. In this post I will cover the two artists who got me hooked: Gunn & Conway.

Gunn & Conway

What’s inspiring their music?

The reality faced in Buffalo NY.

He [Conway] cried when he looked into the mirror after having been shot in the face. 


Click image above to watch the short documentary, Buffalo Soldiers, on the Buffalo NY hip hop scene.



You can’t talk about Conway without talking about Westside Gunn, and vice verse. They are brothers, the team that started Griselda by Fashion Rebels. I’ve never met Conway, but from observing him online, he seems to be the quiet pen, and he is much too slept on. After Conway had already started his rap career, he was shot in a drive-by that left his face paralyzed. He kept going.

Signature Track


Conway goes so hard in this freestyle. He truly is an amazing artist.

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IG @whoisconway

I highly recommend keeping track of Conway. At times he will freestyle on IG live, and he spits fire off-the-top.

Check out one of my favorite GxFR projects: the Big Ghost x Conway x Westside Gunn album Griselda Ghost:

Westside Gunn


Gunn–the Flygod–master of all that is unholy.

Gunn is one of the artists most beloved by me, because not only are his verses dope AF:

1. He is a hustler (I love nothing more than a good hustle) and,

2. He simultaneously is a king, holding down the grime scene, while being humble and working for himself.

Signature Track

The Purist x Westside Gunn x Roc Marciano – Perfect Plex. This track starts with Gunn and features Roc. It is the signature NY grimy sound: slow cadence, fly verses, the grime contrasts with a lovely vocal sample and beat.


Summerslam 88 is another signature Gunn song. It was my selection for the best song of 2016.

“Claude Monet wish he were living so he could paint me”

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