Maybe I’m just mother-fucking talented


I’m a demi God and I’ve got options

BoodahDARR is an artist from Milwaukee, part of the Cream City Motion (CCM) crew that includes his younger brother IshDARR along with E Coop, Ju Preach, Tone da Man, and shafiDARR. A few months ago Boodah dropped his ALMIGHTY EP (full album below).

ALMIGHTY opens with Thriller. Thriller is the set up for fighting all these demons. Eerie guitar plucking, synths, and periodic scratching combined with a simple cadence and cold steel message:

Welcome to the show, welcome to the thriller

The entire album is a dark and icy reflection on relationships with people and coming up as an artist. Do Not Disturb is my favorite track. It has an eerie sample and BoodahDARR showcases his voice as an instrument. He starts with a slow cadence, adds vocal fluctuations, goes hard, moves into exasperation, then closes the vocal loop, returning to the initial cadence. Some of the verses in Do Not Disturb are the coldest on album.

You n*ggas all disgust me – like Jerry Sandusky

I’m sick as fuck – I should go get tested

I don’t really need her, I use her, I mistreat her

I pass her to my demons, then I go delete her 

Boodah coveys cold disconnected emotions toward women, personified by a character Naomi. The way he talks about women is interesting. It’s emotionally disconnected—driven by, as he describes in Past Years, being hurt—rather than objectifying. The narrative about women deviates from the standard in trap, which is one of the things that attracted me to his writing. Skinny Black Interlude has some social justice themes and takes a more literal tone, compared to the rest of the EP.

My guilty pleasure: since ALMIGHTY dropped, Setbacks has been my favorite song to turn up to.

No you can’t hit the blunt

I’m sure you know it’s only squad

love me like a daddy, but she fuck me like a demi God

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