Exclusive Preview: Kemet the Phantom – The Invisible Man

Inspired by the classic novel the Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. Kemet the Phantom uses his latest album (stream full album below) to voice [his] inner stirrings in one of the most interesting and paradoxical times in recent history. The album contains reflections upon place within both good times (marriage, children, home ownership, and career success) and bad (the divisive political climate, racial disruptions, discrimination, etc., you name it).

“Sometimes I wonder,

am I,

and those that look like me,


Album release date: March 9, 2017
Executive Producer: Kemet Coleman a.k.a. Kemet the Phantom
Pre-order/Purchase: music.kemetthephantom.com
Official website: www.kemetthephantom.com
Twitter, Snap & IG: @kemetthephantom
Email: thephantom816@gmail.com

Physical copies:
100 CDs will be available via www.kemetthephantom.com and 200 vinyl will be pressed and available both on his website and select record stores around the US.

Check back in summer 2017 for an exclusive Hip-Hop Exn announcement about Kemet’s upcoming EP with production team The Xtraordinair$.

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