Mike Hardy

A few weeks back I caught a set by New Jersey artist Mike Hardy. The thing to know about Mike is he brings energy, melody, and always drops a good hook that flows within the beat.

It’s all about the hook

Mike is best known for his catchy singles: Shotgun Shawty, All Day, and We Up (Spotify Playlist below). Shotgun Shawty was the first song of his that caught a lot of people’s attention — women especially were feeling it — after he released a video of himself and a girlfriend dancing to it while making dinner. The video was something many could relate to, people started making their own Shotgun Shawty videos and his fan base grew.

Mike released his first EP, Wine, in September 2016 (stream EP below). His single All Day is his playful, shit talking, flex track.

“I flex

I flex on n*ggas All Day

My ex be sweatin’ me – that’s All Day

Respect, I’m going to need that All Day

Break necks, my bitch do that All Day” – All Day


I asked Mike how he came up with that hook, he said I listened to the beat, and it told me to talk my shit — My Ex Be Sweatin’ Me — … Yeah THAT’s the hook.

Mike is playing SXSW this year and has opened for Fetty Wap and A Boogie. Currently, his main focus has been his second EP, releasing later this year. He is still playing with titles, but for now he is calling it Less is More because it’s going to be a relatively short 4-5 song EP with beats and hooks people will love – less [tracks] but more [to love]. I will be covering Mike’s 2017 album when it drops, so make sure to check back and follow him on social media.






Mike Hardy