O•mer•tà – the code of silence

This past year, I’ve carefully watched Eto hit the scene with hard New York grime. His tracks, his freestyles, and visuals are all street.

In collaboration with New York producer, V Don, and mixer, D Polo, Eto dropped his latest project, OMERTÀ THE FILM (stream full EP below). OMERTÀ is a dark film in the culture of silence—keeping your mouth shut—the lesson learned coming up in Northern New York.

“I grew out the sewage…

Started in the youth pit…

Sleeping at a wake, yelling out a eulogy…” 

– Live Today (visual below)

Eto is part of the Rochester collective Cold Summers and is one of the highly collaborative artists building Northern New York into a hip hop powerhouse. Others on the scene include Roc Marciano, Westside Gunn & Conway, Hus Kingpin, Tristate, and others.

On the heels of OMERTÀ, Eto rapidly dropped two follow-up singles, Asics and Blessings (playlist below). As with OMERTÀ, Eto’s verses are dark. The thing that sets him aside from others guys hitting New York right now, is Eto doesn’t work the fly game. He focuses on pushing, the hustle, and gloomy “everyday” things…life shit. “I [Eto] create what I love…a certain feel – that dark grimy shit.

“Where I fell is where I stand…

My dogs go out their way and starve to feed the runts…

Seeing mama going through it built a hustle man…

I bring the food home to see stress cooking, 

a depressed woman”

 – Stand Tall (Eto X Willie the Kid X WS Gunn X Conway)

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