Borvoe McMidnite – The MC of the Night

“Bonfire starter – thought wave parter….

Stack similes that’s clear as Black & White – like Klondikes…

30 dozen different flows, leave you waterlogged – Writing songs on a lily pad pulled from under the frogs”

– Bonfire

Dark, fantastical, ghostly lyricism over smooth instrumentals is the signature of The MC of the Night, Borvoe McMidnite, the silky line author. A lyricist out of Oakland, now on his sixth EP. In 2016 Midnite dropped GHOST, a 5 track project in collaboration with Australian producer Lupr., who describes himself as haunting rappers. In GHOST, Midnite will carry you through golden wind particles from dusty stars. (Stream the EP below).

Midnite lyrically sets himself aside with suggestive lines that lure the listener to weave dark fairytale images, he is Rumpelstiltskin. As he puts it:

“This is me – I’m the night.

The night – that’s the theme – that’s what this is – the feel”

He was right, that is his energy. Not the night as a dark, scary thing, but the night as it is naturally, it’s true essence. Midnite refers to himself and his broader circle as the Night Crusaders, the children of Black Moon and Tribe’s Midnight Marauders. He is highly thematic, each of his EPs is like a novella. His single Bonfire illustrates how his music exists as the reality of fantasies, or physically living your dreams.

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There are a few very special things about Midnite’s discography. Whenever possible he works with a single producer for each EP. This is because he recognizes how little credit is given to producers. By working on a collaborative project with a single producer, that brings them front-and-center. Midnite also typically works with international producers, giving a unique feel to his EPs. He’s worked with Lupr. & Ruskidd (both from Australia), Khoi Kidd (Belgium), and RVST COLE (Russia).

Midnite appreciates working with international producers because they don’t have the privilege to automatically be part of the culture. Yet, they have studied the music very carefully and come into hip hop with a different perspective than American producers.


Borvoe McMidnite X Lupr.

GHOST is exactly that, haunting keys, lingering voices, with Midnite’s lines coming together into a 5 track story:




Succession of grace

Two of me


Fabergé was inspired by Fabergé eggs, which Midnite’s mother collected when he was a child. Like Fabergé eggs, which are covered in gold, but have a dark history, Midnite and Khoi Kidd:

“lined this project in gold, but put some heavy beats inside, and killed some rappers along the way”

Mr. 3° Burns Part Deux

As the name implies, Mr. 3° Burns Part Deux is interlaced with themes of sun, fire, and nebula.

Cut starts it off with playful spitfire shit-talking. The EP then moves into a relatively lighthearted tone, compared to Midnite’s other EPs. The contrast between 3° Burns Part Deux and GHOST demonstrates his versatility, while clearly delineating his poetic style from other lyricists.

A clever linking element among the series of three Mr. 3° Burns EPs  (Mr. 3° Burns, Mr. 3° Burns Part Deux, and Mr. 3° Burns Cubed). Is that the theme of the songs are matched numerically among the albums. For instance, the fourth track on each album is about a women; whereas, the third track is a moral.  Check out all three on Midnite’s BandCamp page.


Enter the night…