Keisha Part II – Rigz, verified lyrics

It was pouring , 1 in da morning I was recording/
Calls I’m ignoring , back to back , must be important /

Yo , waddup wit it, my sun gates, probably stuck a lick/
Greazy, type to shoot u, den take ya brother shit /

he at a coolie; over heard another chick/
Saying she up a rapper, yo what’s his government/

He ain’t know, skinny tall nigga from east Harlem /
Said she up 15K, word, she robbed em /

I left already , he briefing me threw da celli/
Said her name Keisha, I zoned, thinking of belly/

Said she rock em to the telli , emptied his jeans/
She got city niggas thinking that she really from queens

She ain’t from uptown/
Hudson raised , keep a gun round , been lining city niggas up since back page shut down/

I know her, her brother died , selling bad coke /
She lined Ty up, good, left his ass broke /

Took his racks, juicing niggas she ain’t rookie at/
Heart broke , was spreading rumors , dat shorty pussy wack/
But anyways ,

I pull up, they bout to give/
Cuz she fucked up, and said the money in crib/

He get in, they slide, we follow beside em/
Park back , walked em in , duck em and tie em/

shit scattered in the room, grabbed bags and combined em/
Left em dar tied up, shit…somebody I’ll find em/

We gone, went to a coolie , to see what we got/
Gates light a turkey link, while we splitting the pot/

Only 12 stacks, a skydweller, my sun was on it/
He said she had chains, none there, she must of pawned it/

On the expressway, catching my licks the next day/
World premier Dave East Kiesha, , park pressed play/

This who she had dat rap/
He got robbed, and made a song that made em more, I ain’t made at that /

I wanted jazzy on a hook, hit Wayno, he never hit back/
Screen shotted , Dave East rolly, bet he get back /

Fuck it he could get dat, da cash ain’t a chance /
We could work something out, you a man I’ma man/

I get it out the mud, stash bundles in winter fresh/
Niggas online , Like Rigz yea, that nigga next /

Fall off or fall back, never dat/
On IG, tag Dave East, so I can tell em dat

I robbed the chick that robbed u
I could get her it dobe but it’ll cost u

I could show you where she at but it’s gonna cost you