Ambassador Rick

How you going to carry it?
Youth beefing for nothing and the old heads let them
Scared of these young gunners / they don’t want to upset ’em
So – they forget ’em / they leave them with no guidance…
Killers breeding killers like pit bulls
Little homie…
He keep his clip full / but his mind empty
I’m trying to get to him and pull him out the grind with me
That’s how I carry it – excerpt from Bravado

Ambassador Rick has been steady in the underground game. His latest project is The October Surprise, which is packing 18 tracks. The track Brovado (above) was the first track from the project that caught my attention.

Ambassador Rick’s writing is one from the perspective of an emcee who has been in the game long enough to have seen it all, moved past all the young man sh*t—which occupies many of the bars of junior artists—and he has some solid messages to deliver.

Materialism, friendship, life, sex, cycles of violence – Ambassador Rick has messages tucked into each verse, largely through narrative story telling. His messages roll-out naturally, instead of seeming hard forced like some conscious hip hop.

To give you a flavor of Ambassador Rick’s writing, stream Frenemies (below). This will link you to The October Surprise playlist on the Hip Hop Exn SoundCloud page.

As a special feature, here are the verified lyrics to Frenemies with some key lines highlighted (all rights reserved).

That was your nigga god yall got alot of doe together/

Knee deep in the bullshit like ya’ll aint know no better/

Out here in the funk with a trunk full of get right/

One of ya’ll straight biz the other one the slick type/

He pick fights, loud mouth not smooth at all/

he riding dirty with the loud out tool and all/

He aint the brightest but not pussy in the slightest/

But gooning will put you in a place where you can only right us or type us/

Cause niggas got Facebook in the box now/

so you falling back from your homie cause he hot now

And you thinking bout expanding and transitioning/

but the rep that your man got is fucking up your positioning/

Cause the plug listening to the streets he hear the stories/

bout how ya man dropping is nuts for guts and the glory/

And he aint feeling it and think bout cutting yall off/

but before he can do that you gone cut off ya dog/

Cause you love the nigga but you know he’s a troubled nigga/

and one bad move could bust the whole bubble nigga/

So now ya’ll dont link as much cause your paper up/

you with the boss players who’s fingers got the paper cuts

Smooth old money niggas showing you the ropes/

but cant forget about the ones who know you the most/

When niggas stop showing love they gone show you the toast/

butter that shit right in front of you then feed the loaf/

Jelly shit niggas hungry in they belly shit/

then you catch your man on some bullshit like really kid/

This how is gone go down us and a crome 4 pound/

what you gone pop me then peel ya self you gone blow your crown?/

What I’m a bozo now?/ you think a nigga changed/

cause I’m on some by any means shit to get the change/

My nigga you buggin is like you on something/

like you dont care about the future you dont want nothing/

Ya man aint trying to hear it envy controls his mind/

he holding 4 plus 5 he trying to blow yo mind/ 

cause see he felt betrayed he felt like he got played/

his timbs is leaning right now ya ferragamos suede/  

but then again ya’ll niggas did grow up together/

Trapped, slay bitches, popped off in the club together/

Was pose to rock forever niggas was like blood/

but now he want to see you laying in the mud/

over some minor differences thats really insignificent/

to real life but he aint listening/

So he didnt see the Jamming poking out the monclear/

so sad we have to end this bond here.

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