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Ol’ Burger Beats is part of the newly formed label Mutual Intentions, which includes lyricists Ivan Ave and Yogisoul, among others. Currently based in Oslo, Norway, Ol’ Burger Beats just dropped his second album Mind Games, which is the first LP to be released by Mutual Intentions (stream below).

Mind Games has a red line throughout the record, and I think you will hear that there is a consistency to the mood and theme from beginning to end, both in my [Ol’ Burger] beats and in the lyrics…

Ol’ Burger Beats’ production is unique because he has toned down some of the classic hip hop elements (like the loud drums) to try and focus more on the subtle percussions, melodies and tone of the music. On Mind Games you will find loud drum brushes, jazzy piano chords, slow tempo beats and introspective lyrics.

Mind Games has been in the works for two years, and it is highly thematic and darkly poetic. It has the jazz feel of an airy moonlit night. The first song completed for the album was It’s Black, in collaboration with lyricists Jeremiah Jae and Oliver the 2nd, which set the tone for the album. It’s Black was released in a remix earlier this year. Both the remix and original walk you through the cold of night, howling at the moon. After a few listens they will become lovingly familiar, yet distinguished by the production (stream below).

black cats cross your path – broken glass

that’s seven years bad – in the cell pad 

still selling – so cold you can see the breath [whew]

it’s dog eat dog – we stay howling at the moon [wooooow]

– It’s Black 

It’s Black (original):


It’s Black (remix):

Mind Games has a carefully curated sound that is highly artistic instrumentally. Ol’ Burger Beats’ ability to craft the consistent unbroken feel that runs through the album is likely tied to the fact that he is also a student of jazz.

I’m [Ol’ Burger Beats] very inspired by the jazz of the 1960s and 70s, and Norway and Scandinavia has had a very strong jazz scene since back then.

Ol’ Burger Beats has a record collection that is 75% jazz—both for sampling and listening purposes—and listens to jazz as much as hip hop (if not more). The jazz musicians Kristoffer Eikrem (Trumpet) and Arthur Kay Piene (Synth) plays throughout [Mind Games], and they’re both important names on the Oslo jazz scene. Mind Games includes lyricists out of Oslo—who may have also grown up with Norwegian jazz—but also includes artists from the States, for instance Chicago artist KAMI. There are 13 lyricists in all. Curious about how Ol’ Burger Beats selects lyricists to work with?…

It’s rappers that I [Ol Burger Beats] listen to on the daily, people who have something to say, and many of them also work with other producers that inspire me. When searching for lyricists I prefer reaching out to young artists, people of my age who make music that sticks with me. Like Maxo, who’s featured on two of my favorite tracks on Mind Games. I listened to his album “After Hours” (on Burnt Tapes) so many times before I even reached out to him. His album was one of my favorite releases of 2015, and I still listen to it at least once a month. Hearing the verses on top of my beats for the first time was incredibly exciting.

Ol’ Burger Beats and his collaborators have created an artful boutique sound. Once you start on Mind Games you will find yourself lost in drum brushes and smooth instrumentals.

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