CastOffz Caliber visual & verified lyrics

CastOffz – out of Rochester, NY


[Alvarez Masterminded:]
3 of the best seasoned emcee’s to bless a microphone 
Connected Like that or transmitted over the Internet 
You never know what you gonna get
A verbal homicide shot live when we ride by
Chop ya melon like fruit ninja 
Keep ya Wife pulling on my wood
 they ain’t playing jenga nigga
I’m so serious cum in her ear 
so when ya speak she ain’t hearing it
Save the tuff talk I ain’t fearing it
Holla at me in everywhere like private E and mental health
Alvarez scream it loud over ya dead body till my voice go horse
Wipe the blood of my sword on ya damn forehead 
Carve CastOffz on ya first born forehead
God should have made you a SB Born to born dead
So nice it’s bar barbaric servin this blood shed 
[Jae Nice:]
Back again and I’m taking no shorts 
Homicidal arts I go straight for your vocal cords
The CastOffz upstate representas 
Raw like Digga 3 headed threat like dedra 
I got the ether I body emcees 
Roll with the bomb squad like Keith Shocklee
You can’t stop me Boy I don’t play around
Nice is the illest beatin bitches like Chris Brown
Lyrical slaughter, I go in on wack dudes
Underground kingpin, got more green than whole foods
To make it plain, my skills rock many
I Roc steady, you niggas soft like jelly.
Soul on ice, I’m the calm before the storm.
The equalizer,I execute with perfect form.
Deadly Rhymes to hard to contain.
My first impression,leaves a mark like a Shit stain.
Bitch niggas I don’t tolerate, choose ya fate
Fucking with this CastOff nigga you’ll be cast away
Float like a butter fly like Mohammed Clay
Sting like a killabee it’s assassination day
Violaters get Violated 
Can’t do what I do that’s why these mothafuckas hate it 
Over rated that’s what you are fake rapstar 
Fake views on the YouTube and on worldstar
Emcee in the truest form
This renegade rap this aint your regular norm 
Red rum when my lyrics spray  (Mayday Mayday)
Hit you up leave you stretched out on ya born day
Crack the 7th seal Armageddon for real
Get ya orange pealed for tryin ta fuck with this true skill
Show and prove on the M.I.C. We gettin at cha
CastOffz Return Of The Mic Snatchas