Mother’s Day Song

Ambassador Rick – Mother’s Day Song (J.A.B.O.)

I love you My for exactly who you are/ An Earth that has a Sun but be shining like a Star (Bright)/ Illuminating everything in your reach/ Southern girl you can hear the twang in her speech/ A pretty young lady on them New York streets/ Brooklyn to be exact where you had your three piece/ Big Sis Lady, K Boogie, and me/ Moved ya boys out the city to Avoid the beasts/ took us to South Kak to learning the roots of the tree/ spent years down there then we moved to the V/ yea we moved around a lot the world you wanted to see/ wanted us to see it with you and be all we could be/ yea I’m doing that pursuing that in-fact/ beat a nigga blue and black if he don’t pardon ya back or ya front/ you want anything I’m going to get it/ ain’t nothing to much for you girl I’m blowing a digit/ you one of the main reasons I be flowing terrific/ and between real and fake see I be knowing the difference/ You such a beautiful person I try to mirror that/ You with out a smile on your face I ain’t hearing that/ Great Grandmother and a Great-grandmother/ she good with kids you can’t take that from her/ When you moved to Japan I was mad at the Japanese/ cause I couldn’t get them baked turkey wings and mac and cheese/ I get my style from you and I be super fresh/ You told me if I love something I should Do It 2Def/ I’m like you at your best / we got the same flesh/ if you feel pain in ya chest I feel the same stress/ Joyce Ann taught me how to be a man/ see a grand/ and dream big like Peter Pan/ I love you more than you can probably imagine/ or more than I could ever explain from this rapping/ You Know