Insight & Damu – Ears Hear Spears

Have you ever read something you wrote 10 years ago? A poem, letter, or song? A decade ago Insight wrote and recorded his latest release Ears Hear Spears (stream below). Spears was shelved shortly after its creation, and it fell from sight, but when Insight revisited the project he heard his past-self talking about today.

History repeats, especially when it comes to the human condition, social justice, and politics. Art that captures the elements of repeatable history resonates when the cycle hits 360 and resets. This is what Spears did. It sat. Patiently. Written in the Bush years, feeling hopefully outdated through the Obama years, until the 360: racism, xenophobia, & injustice – it all precipitated. Insight’s verses were, sadly, acute once again. Perhaps they always were, but now it was unmasked in the context of the world today:

Ignorance is chasing…


 Hope’s locked in the basement… 


A nation burns with frustration… 


We’re all human capable of violence prone to temptation… 


We divide ourselves with fame and power… 


Catastrophic chain reactions calibrate equality a 


flash of light erased the memory of the economy.


– Insight, All Human (visual below)

Ears Hear Spears is a collaboration between Insight and producer Damu. This was Insight’s first collaboration with a producer; up until then [2007], he was self-produced. To date, Insight and Damu have created multiple albums together, with a new release coming soon. I believe there is a lesson in the the 10 year lapse from creation-to-release of Ears Hear Spears: there is a moment for all hip hop. Sometimes it’s the moment of its creation, sometimes it’s fleeting, sometimes it’s the latest turn-up, and sometimes it’s a decade later…when forgotten verses resurrect when it’s their time. Below, you can stream Spears, see Hip Hop Exn in the studio with Insight (freestylin’), and link with Insight and Damu. They have multiple collabs releasing this year.

Ears Hear Spears

Insight & HIP HOP EXN in the Studio

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