What happens when the Chicago and Brooklyn vibes collide?


theinjuredparty. is a new crew composed of vocalist Amare Symoné and lyricist Musa Reems. Before forming the injuredparty., Amare and Musa released solo projects and played roles in each other’s solo work. They then decided to join forces and fuse poetic verses with sounds of neo-soul, hip hop, and jazz in their debut self-titled EP (stream below). This short, sweet, 13 minute EP has themes of “millennial love, heartbreak, wanting to live forever, and the beauty of our [theinjuredparty’s] hometowns: Brooklyn and Chicago.”

“Damn man, I wanna live forever

Brown skin sparklin’ off the pavement

Even through the hell

I can still say I made it

Got ancestors who pray on my every step

They’ve seen God’s children sway under trees…

Im finna dance like I did before my very birth

And when I die my soul will forever drift off this Earth”

– Live Foreva

theinjuredparty. is united through Brooklyn and Chicago as being “epicenters of diverse and unique cultures and arts…[and the fact that] black culture in both cities is prominently historic and strong.

“Her name was Brooklyn /

but she loved Chicago.”

– So I Know It’s Real


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