DJ Manipulator & Louie Gonz – The Loops

DJ Manipulator and Louie Gonz just dropped their second collab, The Loops (stream album and visual below). The Worcester, Massachusetts natives have been creating together since 2009, when they were part of the crew Kinda Dusty. In 2014, Manipulator and Gonz did their first album, Private Stock. “We [Manipulator & Gonz] have good chemistry together so we kept at it”.

As a lyricist Gonz delivers gritty no-bullsh*t bars and has featured other East Coast grime lyricists on The Loops, including Lil Eto. Manipulator brings heavy percussions—crash cymbals and a layered dusty vibe—along with his effortless scratch game.

Dope Beats & Dope Raps.

What we [Manipulator & Gonz] want listeners to take away from this project is simple but dope. Dope beats and dope raps were delivered naturally, served straight-up with with no frills. The Loops was initially started as an instrumental album, then one day Gonz rapped over one of the tracks while he and Manipulator were making music; the two took a step back and the fully-collaborative album was created.


01. All Hail

02. Old Rain

03. This sound (feat. Blu)

04. Who want it (feat. Mr. Pacheco)

05. Interlude 1

06. Forward

07. Dolomite (feat. Josh Bliss)

08. Interlude 25

09. Rated R (feat. Lil Eto)

10. Scratch interlude

11. War (feat. DJ Manipulator)

12. Lean (feat. William Hertz)


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