Borvoe McMidnite & Orign – Dropkicks (w/ verified lyrics)

Dropkicks (prod. ΔMofNRP) is the lead single from the upcoming collab project from Bay Area and FL lyricists Borvoe McMidnite and Orign.  The upcoming project will feature Orign & Borvoe as G.I. Joe characters Sci-Fi and Lifeline.



Fathom Abruptly
David Duchovny
Cuttin records
that’s pudgy
Pencils smudgy,
rhymes be stubby
un managed,
leaving damage

establish the pallet with arrow dynamics.
Slip into the mouth of my madness
Cramming info to feed
the pit bulls in my temple

Incased in the music
Had my share of evil Madusas
I chill and listen to Rufüs
and stay off-world
like Ridley and Lucas

Make Art move.
Star on the far end
doin it a 100 proof
Its wicked
Such a strange thing
Almost like a daydream
2030 Beijing
High tech innovations

Leaving star maps on the wall
Vocal Carpenter
Cant peep thru Binoculars
Unbreathable like fossil pits
Shit is crazy to take the beat
and break knees
or teach with the able means
so just know this

Im down for the peace
like the end of the movie “Logan”

Frozen in the moment,

way past like a flash to the vision.
Self Mission,
I had it in the ill position.

Borvoe McMidnite

I’ll comp the petition to omit any competition constant wisdom keeps my writtens cognitive positive spat this flaccid abolishment drop kicks I polish like I’m from Poland words woven you must understand what is said once can not be unspoken trapped in the moment of knowing is opposeless when exceeding is the only setting exposed in keep it closed then I held a pen and drew like Bogut flow is bogus raising the bar and quota over and over you only to and fro no stress I let the movement grow and detect like canine nose I flame on rappers become burn victims I learn symptoms of power through third vision the verse glistens have a listen to unfolded prisms no difference between my booth and baptism your actions are sacrilegious I’ll show no finish track reminiscent of the Spinners they don’t stop and jam like blicks that won’t pop no plans to be in ya circle govern my orbit the aura’s enormously gorgeous spectators engorge it souvenir storage from the maiden voyage you hearings voices that’s the voice of reason as a banshee survived multiple calamities I’m helpless to my own vanity I can’t let you handle me aviation land on the beat land on my feet like 9 lives tiger eyes a walking franchise dark wings no hang glide I speak in camp fire ya camp say I’m fire demeanor smoldering ire most choose to admire get higher

Artwork by Jason Cardona