Mir Fontane – Camden

South Side

South Side

South Side

Is exactly where you’ll find me…

this side ain’t for everybody…

I come from the side where they shoot and don’t care who dies

– Mir Fontane

Camden New Jersey’s charismatic rising trap star Mir Fontane just dropped his first project since his signing earlier this year to 300 Entertainment. Named after his hometown, Mir Fontane welcomes us to Camden (stream below).

The mixtape’s intro tells the story of the project – lighthearted every day life cut short by gang violence. With heavy production from Jersey artists Kenif Muse and Kev Rodgers, the project starts of with themes of trapping, women, and the move up,  it then exponentially progresses to stories of the very real violence experienced by young men growing up in Camden. The project ends with $horty $tory, illustrating how gang violence spills outside those directly involved to consume (and kill) entire families.