Exclusive: Jo’EL X CashUS King Angels & Man. Prod by Kaytranada

Cashus King: 

It’s essential that we take it back to the spiritual realm my G,
Me and Jo’El 

We roll L’s and spark’em, so many fires lit you’d think the lyricist was the arsonist, I exist on the land between man and sane soul, I exist between the this between a man and angel, I can’t go with you but I’ll lead you there the chosen, I can’t roll with you but I’ll lead you there like Moses did in the biblical times whether the scriptures or the Quran passage, I don’t pretend to know the knowledge that’s beyond Cashus, intellect the void in me is infinite, my quest to feel the real while these fake ninjas be avoiding me the 2% and soy in me, the pleasure, pain, and joy in me. The Troy in me, the cash in me, the Co$$ in me, this soil bleeds the blood of man. But this is for the hateful ones, this is for the anointed flesh the prophet souls the angels ones the saviors. Donations the nations when the savior comes and get us, get it.


Over the world, dominion, and powers over thrones.

Cherubim Seraphim, angel & men.

Divine entities

From Yang in the Yin
Holy Month 

But can’t abstain from sin 

My tree knowledge boy
Blue by the collar boy
And we all know The lies designed this
Watch for the fuckin
protocols of Zionist
Already martyred
Ain’t worried about the 10%
Yah got me straight cos I ain’t worried bout that worried bout that
Love you to life 

Lived through the ending 



& Clyde’s 

 I kicks it 

sacred ganja 

Surahs on surahs how’s I get lifted 

In the apocalyptic 

It’s goin down bruh

It was written
Love you to life 

I ordered your casket

You could never be First to start casting


Don’t act 

you got that funk gluteus Maximus 

Became familiar with 

Your demons to explore your your reason
everything changed 

Or everything’s the same 

So many meanings

So it’s all love from the jump

Them the kinda wings that I put on

Well connected like umbilical cord 

Aligning like what signals do 

Don’t need a brick or book to show you what’s a profit is 

From pounds of the truth we living a loud light
Won’t be conformed to the lies of society and even I can see way further than ones eye can see and I believe living through another mans eyes can’t define you only you can find you but who am I to shine you..

Over the world dominion power over thrones cherubim seraphim different angels and men