Casey Cope – Coming Out Party

Casey Cope brings some fresh East Bay bars with his new single Coming Out Party. Hit the track & verified lyrics below.

I’m wrapping up the EP I’m back to rapping my ass off
Niggas lit too many fires under me to not gas off

I speak of freedom and passion, don’t speak of niggas they have none

I speak of sickness and health, I speak for myself 

I speak for everybody who isn’t on the level they wish they was on
I just spent an entire paycheck on a student loan

Then spend half my net worth on PR company

I guess I gotta take chances, just know that I’m hustling

Just know that nobody fuck with me, I’m tryna make a name for myself 

And spread some wealth, screaming I’m that nigga

Make a splash and make some waves and Ima ride that witcha

Just know I’m making every dime back nigga

They try to phase me on the low but I high step niggas, I bite back bigger

The black Rodney Mullen, grinding nigga

I’m on point no plateau, the boy been that cold

King like Nat Cole, take it slow I been Russian like Drago
Vision like Matt Ryan they lying they more like Flacco

Milking every ounce of my talent I need my lactose 

And strong bones, yeah I need my money pronto 

Parents support a little too much I’m looking like Lonzo

Can I still be black if I got a dad and mother who cherish me

Can I still be black being upper middle class is that embarrassing? 

Can I still be black if I’m a college graduate, ay 

My dad said pick wherever you want, I’ll figure out how to pay
That’s family matters that’s love

That’s nigga I’ll rise above

That’s support, that’s important, pouring my soul in a cup 
This the Eucharist, say my name like Kunta Kin

-te, I’m a proud man I say that shit every day
Waves is getting bigger

Can’t change what’s in my heart 

I’m all drive you’ll never see me shoot behind the arc 

I’m shooting for the stars boy, or is that too cliche?

It’s Mr. San Leandro nigga I’m too east bay
But the Bay Area don’t even know my name it’s frustrating 

This my coming out party bitch I’m done fading, done faking

Finally coming home like Dunkirk, I’m done waiting

Pump faking and they jumpin out the gym, I just bang 

Up late and done scraping just to get by, don’t playing

With these fake hood rappers, they fuckij basic and fuck fame and fuck all dat

I’m here to speak words that matter 

If I ain’t earn a stairway to heaven my lyrics build a ladder
Every rung is constructed with heart strings and heart songs and bars long

I be too far gone and I’m only 22

Building my own platform and fuck it I’ll run it too

Nigga don’t close your blinds I be the light that’s coming through
I’m never comfortable with just average

Good enough isn’t good enough

Look at us we the baddest, Brave like Glavine, Maddux

Boy this my body and blood

I put everything in all the above, Young Cope