Borvoe McMidnite – Digital Display [LYRICS & VISUAL PREMIERE]

Borvoe McMidnite – Digital Display



Borvoe McMidnite – Digital Display, Produced by: Khoi Kidd

Create a play to portray me in cosplay mind games line slang designs hang for digital display why you got anna(animosity)?, kuz I gas off on analog sacred catalog polished padlocks in Panama, the hornet caught in Charlotte’s web grandmama physical labor your listening to a handsaw needle to the groove, I contribute that extra thimble its bout to get radical as the square root symbol, the flow ripples triples make a rapper shrivel tremble head swivel always spit and might dribble, turn it up a little not too much where it’s illegal you might hear it wobble will not fall down like weebles you people are all sitting on the floor but what are you sitting for?, I made this song for sing-along to you from Singapore, only know how to be great that’s what I see more, familiarizing that principle like Seymour 


Glitch flipping rhythm switching UV rays 

The neon metrics, is an endless page 

Translucent case for Digital Display 

Digital Display

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Video Credits:

Directed by: Anthony Notes – Her Vision Films

VFX and Animation by: Adam Modley – We Can Rewind

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