Peter Labeaud – You’ve Got Something / Where U Been (Visual & Lyrics)

Peter Labeaud is a new artist from New Orleans. In You’ve Got Something / Where U Been–the opening track off his new EP Walking on Water: The PreludeLabeaud pairs up with producer and vocalist Herschel Lamont to deliver an message of discovering self value.

….We gotta show these kids that they can do better 

that they the future

That they can fly

That they can do better than all them niggas who they thought were better than them

that they can do better than us…


1st Verse

I’m terrified 

What if I never grow my set of wings

What if I never be what you set in stone for me

What if I


Spread my wings

Share this little light of mine

Fight off 

crippling depression 

That’s resting on my soul

How will I free my soul

What did you see in me 

To make you believe in me

How strong can I be

How far can I go

How far can I fly

How determined am I really

How passionate can I be

How hard did you fight 

are you gonna give up and cry

are you gonna fight till it’s done and fly

Chorus (Herschel Lamont)

I can see you for just who you are

Love yourself before you fall apart

Little caterpillar

You’ll grow wings

And fly away one day

One day


And they can try to hold you down

But they will never see the sky 

Quite like you do

Even when your backs against the wall 

You’ll never ever fall

You’ve Got Something more than they could ever see

You’ve Got Something more than they could ever see

Something more than they can ever see


Something more 

You Got Something more

2nd Verse

What’s so special about me

Please tell me

What do I have

That they don’t have 

real is what the eyes can’t see

and what the hands can’t touch

Well at least that’s what I heard 

Do I get what I deserve

I can’t tell

I can’t fail

I can’t fall down on knees no more

I can’t wait on you to love me no more

I know self worth

It hurts her so much to know self-worth 

she says this life ain’t worth living no more

Well do you know what’s life beyond death 

I guess you do 

because you committed suicide already 

and I feel like I couldn’t do a fucking thing about it

wasn’t ready

shit is scary

Now I’m on the verge 

of being a role model 

while the niggas who raised us 

when our fathers bailed on us

bailing on us 

Damn even these niggas bailing on us

What the fuck is wrong with us

No I should be asking what the fuck is wrong with you 

time to tell us the truth

Were we not good enough

that’s not Good enough 

Now I’m growing up feeling like I ain’t good enough

Like I ain’t shit

you ain’t my father 

You ain’t shit

Should I forgive you

I don’t know

I’m so conflicted

I wanna do what’s right

but I can’t ignore these feelings

we the ones that gotta pave the way now


if this was the torch

you better run now

We gotta show these kids that they can do better 

that they the future

That they can fly

That they can do better than all them niggas who they thought were better than them

that they can do better than us

that there’s beauty in the struggle 

I gotta let them know that their not all alone

but can I be as good or better then the nigga who gave us billie jean 


I bet everybody who listened said fuck no

there will never be another Michael

and your right 

just like there’ll never be another me nigga

Where U Been 

Where u been 

It’s been 3 years

I got the feeling that you quit with ya fantasies 

Of going over seas

feed the family

Painting perfect prestige pictures picture the nigga 

who said he was gonna be the greatest ever

Giving up on himself 

Letting down his momma

Momma you don’t know what I seen

what it seems

I know I’ve seen obscene scenes

Riding Thur the city scenic 

why my cousin

Had to be sickle cell anem

Truthfully I don’t want to reflect 

On broken mirrors 

They appear-a everywhere I go

if I ever gave away the gift and the curse

receive a blank stare from Aaliyah 

Liya on another plane


Imagine every single legend 

that you look up to

Telling you that you let them down

Asking why you made that shit

that was mind state

Mind in wrong place

At the wrongs times

Putting everybody before myself

I need to build my empire 

I need to help the kids

be them self

Be different 

Do different

Just look around at who they idolize

not saying I wanna be their role model

But help them recognize 

That they trapped up in a trap 

A Caged Bird with its wings clipped 

But I’m still over here

staring in these darks room 

Doubting my potential 

saying I’ll never reach a soul

told my brother that the project would drop June 5th

6 months later it still ain’t drop

And he not even asking about it anymore

Do you not even wanna hear it anymore

I’m bouta drink a fifth

To drown the pressure

How will I measure up

how will I fuck this up

will I even make it up 

the stairs in time 


Yeah Ima make it up the stairs in time

Will I make it up the stairs in time

I guess we’ll see in time 

If that black boy fly

If that black boy fly

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