Caleborate & Cash Campain 

The flex without the flex, that’s the grind that Bay Area hip hop artist Caleborate and brother, R&B singer, Cash Campain have been on. They have been steadily building together for years – staying true to themselves and not getting caught up in the game. Caleborate has been on the underground scene consistently growing in his lyricism.

“I remember the first rap he ever rapped….

I didn’t even know he could rap.

I was like damn, he might suck.”

Cash Campain

Since that first rap, Caleborate cleverly branded himself, as (drumroll)….himself. He is known for his candid verses about issues that resonate with young people of color and first-generation college students: Can we afford education? How do we deal with student debt while chasing our dreams? Staying on the hustle, and the gentrification of our communities.

Caleb and Cash Campain hustle as a family. The sons of playwright William A. Parker, performing is in their blood. Ironically, Caleborate and Cash Campain not only share their love of music, they share the same birthday. Earlier this year, Hip Hop Excursion caught up with them during their 2017 birthday festivities in Oakland.

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