Hus Kingpin X Big Ghost – Cocaine Beach

Cocaine Beach has been selected as one of Hip Hop Exn’s Eleven Diamonds of 2017.

A note from Big Ghost:

“The vibe on this project is flat out what you see on the cover yo…the soundscapes of that 80s crack epidemic. Dirty Money. Reaganomics…dookie ropes n medallions the size of small rodents…Dapper Dan suits…Lamborghini Countaches n Ferrari Testarossas…Miami Vice…Chicks rockin aerobic shit wit colorful thong leotards on top of spandex leggings…Headbands… Let the music carry you away to that time…to a place called Cocaine Beach.”

Releases October 2, 2017

Produced Entirely by Big Ghost LTD

Free Download:

Feature highlights from Crimeapple, Sage Infinite, & Vic Spencer: