Yung Nuance (Exclusive)

Ok it’s Tony Tony Tony like I’m Raphael Saadiq/ Enemies bend the knee just like SWV/ man I’m weak this too strong/ don’t usually fuck with bongs/ last song you heard me on I was really fucking gone/ what u on ? I can it even call it nowadays. Nowadays . Looking like the end of the days .anyways hennthing can happen grab a cup/ grab some woods grab some paper/if you clutch then grab a Dutch/ boy wusup/ ayo missy pass the Dutch /they try to dim my light but I’m still flashy as a fuck/boy wusup

Ok come one / what you on/they say I’m wrong but I’m still high on every song/ repeat6x I think

Niggas think niggas think niggas think niggas think that they could fuck with Tony what they drinking had to make that shit a double that so shit could really sink in/never blinking with this ink pen/ so u see just what Im thinking /my niggas in a war I’m tryna free them boys like lincoln ok cmon…

Jus Fuck with ya boy/started building trust you can bank with ya boy / meet me at the pub have a drank with ya boy / roll that shit up smoke some dank with boy /self employed just means you self involved /more in charge / more evolved /leave it to market we would all be unemployed /Umm im just tryna put you what I been on / like how you don’t the money phone bitcoin / seen some old rappers gettin shit on / by the same hoes they use to throw cris on/ 4 books working on the fifth one / got u calling the crib hoping that the kids home / ok come now

TruSTony -Yung Nuance.