Visual Art

“The eyes are most important

once you get the spark in the eyes – you’ve got it

it’s good”

Mr. Noast – capturing the soul of hip hop

Mr. Noast is a hip hop portrait artist from Toulouse France. Over the past 4-5 years, he has specialized in brining hip hop artists to life through fine art. Visual art has always been an important part of hip hop; Hip Hop Exn is, therefore, delighted to feature Mr. Noast’s art throughout the site.

In the true spirit of capturing lyricists, Mr. Noast’s medium is pencil on paper. His favorite hip hop artists are his subjects and he digs into their discography and instrumentals while creating.

It’s apparent that Mr. Noast’s work highlights artists whose music he loves, because he nails them – the expressions he chooses capture their essence in still. He is best known for his Eminem piece “Behind the Lyrics” etched with lines from Eminem’s book The way I am. This is fitting, since The Marshall Mathers LP from 2000 was the first hip hop album owned by Noast.



Through his art, Mr. Noast has been able to meet some of his favorite hip hop artists. Upcoming projects he has planned include Nas, Jay Z, Pete Rock, Alchemist, and his first female artist, Alicia Keys. Here are some highlights from Mr. Noast’s portfolio, check out his IG page (below) for more, and contact him for prints.



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